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"So, What About 8 Legs?" is a arthouse game which criticise selfishness between I and us. Both self and ourself need to otherself/otherselves for their existence in human eye. Experience Journey of a male of a black widow from humanly eye. Game asking questions about self, other and one in terms of helping others, being a "hero", selfishness and benovolence.

Designed in BUG Art-Game-Jam which is an event of Games and Politics Exhibition in İstanbul. Theme: Us.

Selin Begüm Karayaka - Game Designer, Author and 2D Artist
Hasan Anıl Umman - Lever Designer, Programmer
Elif Akalın - Programmer
Zahit Emre Metin - Details&Internet Surfer :D

Install instructions

Download&Play, executable file.


Swael.rar 43 MB


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